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Exceptional men deserve distinguished gifts. Designed to celebrate the modern man with contemporary styling and unique elements.

It contains:

  • Box
  • Set of four bamboo toothbrushes by Men’s Society
  • Golden Shampoo by D.R Harris
  • Lip balm by D.R Harris
  • Windsor stick deodorant by D.R Harris

Set of four bamboo toothbrushes:

The toothbrushes lightweight structure gives you that added manoeuvre when getting to those hard to reach places.

Golden Shampoo:

A mild liquid shampoo with subtle, fragrant notes suitable for frequent use. Cleans the hair without removing essential oils.

Lip balm:

Wonderfully soothing and healing for chapped, dry lips. Contains cocoa butter and menthol.

Windsor stick deodorant:

An alcohol-free, solid deodorant stick with the fresh fragrance of Windsor, used by gentlemen who do not like or want an anti-perspirant. Contains a bacteriostat to destroy the bacteria which cause odour. Long lasting and perfect for sensitive skin.


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