Carlotta Scarabeo

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As industrial tubes (used as base of the accessories finishing) compone themselves adapting to the architecture in which they are located, this way the accessories of the CoPe collection change their shape adapting to the tastes and personality of whom is wearing them. In fact each bracelet can be worn in at least 3 different ways, expanding its volume but remaining in a linear geometrical shape.


  • materials: copper, rope
  • handmade in Milan

The Carlotta Scarabeo story:

“The project “Carlotta Scarabeo” is born through the attribution of new forms and aesthetic values, trying to enhance the concept of jewel, not intended as precious object but as an unique detail realized with elements of daily re-use. The concept is to enrich poor and discarted materials using metals, tiny gracious parts and hooks. Industrial elements in copper, minutely treated and assembled with rope elements generate accessories that are eccentric in the volume but minimal in form. Each piece is hand-made and in this way, unique. The synthesis between tradiotion and innovation is recognizable in the constant juxtaposition of craft and industrial-chemical processes, as such as scratches and galvanic baths in gold and silver, accelerated oxidation processes and paintwork.”

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