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Savor the finest quality, enchanting aroma and incomparable flavour of our fresh Hellenic organic Verbena.  Verbena is considered to be an excellent remedy for calming an upset stomach, reducing flatulence and easing colic pain. Verbena proves a highly diuretic aid, and may help in weight loss by increasing fat oxidation.

Won: Great Taste Winner 2016, Great Taste Winner 2015


  • weight: 15g  + 15 filter bags & 6 sticks
  • caffeine free with no artificial fragrances
  • ingredients: organic lemon verbena, aloysia citriodora

The Anassa Organics story:

“ANASSA ORGANICS selects finest quality Greek products of organic farming and produce of farmers who use traditional farming practices with the utmost respect and commitment to the land. Their selection of exceptional organic Greek herbs for teas, infusions, tisanes is just the beginning. Organic herbs were selected in order to enhance quality even further. For Anassa Organics, organic is an attitude and way of life: through the utmost respect for both man and environment.”



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