FINE & DANDYlei 258

Gift box

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Exceptional men deserve distinguished gifts. Designed to celebrate the modern man with contemporary styling and unique elements.

It contains:

  • Box
  • Handsome hands kit by Men’s Society
  • Philosophia spinner by Sophia
  • Business card holder by Ogon

Handsome hands kit:

This kit is everything he needs to keep his fingers and nails pristine. It contains a moisturising hand cream – 30ml, stainless steel nail clippers, stainless steel scissors – 8.6cm, two nail files.

Philosophia spinner:

Philosophia’s unique spinning top + pencil duo adds more to the fun: give it a spin and see it trace its dance on paper. They were the most affordable toy of children everywhere for centuries.

Business card holder:

This business card holder can hold 15 business cards. You can give out your cards with a single push of your thumb and it is made of nodized aluminium.


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