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Stylish cardboard pistol with rubber bands as ammunition. A perfect way to let some steam off or disrupt colleagues.


  • pistol: 3 layers of 3mm cardboard, 4 metalic nuts and bolts, 12 rubber bands
  • size: 130 x 220 mm
  • made in Romania

The Fabrik story:

“We get excited about keeping heritage technology alive – the kind of stuff other printers got rid of long ago. However, it doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking vintage letterpress or modern offset – what we care about is producing really beautiful objects. In everything to do, we aim to combine the two things that matter: craft and creativity. We’re ready and waiting to thread, bind, guillotine, stitch, stencil, perforate your project, whatever it might be. Plus there are all kinds of manual finishing techniques that we can offer if you’re after something unique and artisanal.”

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