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Because there is always a case for the little luxuries in life. Our ‘Take a moment’ gift selection is designed to combine elements of indulgence with an elegant contemporary palette. This is a crowd pleaser for so many occasions.

It contains:

  • Box
  • Notebook ecstasy pink by Sophia
  • Set of 6 pensils Philosophia by Sophia
  • Scented candle white tea by Compagnie de Provance

Notebook ecstasy pink:

Featuring one of Philosophia’s four key Greek words and their definitions on their cover, these notebooks combine practicality with lots of color.

Set of 6 pensils Philosophia:

These wood pencils will ease you into your writing efforts providing inspiration with one of Philosophia’s four key words imprinted on their side “democracy” and “philosophy”.

1 Amelia Rope chocolate bar:

Amelia embraces the outlook that appears on her chocolate: life is for embracing. Like everything, chocolate can be humdrum or exceptional. Life is short. Choose exceptional. Savour each piece.

Scented candle white tea (180g):

True decorative object, this scented candle will bring a touch of contemporary elegance and light to your home. Its cotton wick and blend of mineral and vegetable waxes allow an optimum diffusion of the fragrance.




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