Kajsa Kramer

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Sushi Black can not only be used for serving sushi but is also wonderful for cheese, cold cuts or as a tray. The clay is glazed with an attached leather string. Also includes silicone ‘legs’, which make it easier to pick it up from the table. Since the clay is glazed, no grey marks or streaks show due to cutlery. The plate is molded with an uneven finish.


  • materials: clay
  • hand-wash, due to the leather strap and silicone legs
  • dimensions approx: 27 x 13 cm
  • made in Sweden

The Kajsa Cramer story:

“Kajsa has a passion for craftsmanship with simple, genuine and durable design. The touch of the artist’s hands are visible in each creation, making them personal and unique. Thus, the perfection in the products lie in their imperfections. The delicate and poetic intertwine with the practical and convenient, making your everyday home environment look a little bit better. Kajsas inspiration emerges from the Scandinavian nature that surrounds her home. Nature is filled with palettes of hues and endless shapes and forms. In a world filled with beautiful imperfections, she strongly believe in making each product your own. Kajsa hope to inspire people to explore their creativity as they combine my products to what they want it to be. For some it’s a lantern, for others it’s a vase. “

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