Mr. Postman festival essentials


Festival season is officially open, so it’s time for us to start packing our bags! Whether you are choosing Electric CastleUntold or Summerwell, Mr. Postman has the package list ready with all our favorite essentials.

A cool backpack to fit everything inside, while still looking stylish. Our choice is the minimalist Rains backpack, which is water-resistant too.

Speaking of Rains, we are not even leaving the house without our versatile, unisex, water-resistant jacket. We are definitely not letting the rain ruin our favorite performance at Electric Castle!

Hydration is a must at all times, so the cool Urban Bottle is coming with us! Long waiting times to buy a drink are not an option when you are dancing in the front row 🙂

For those of you looking for 24 hours of non-stop fun, choosing camping on the festival site, we might just have the perfect grooming solution from Men’s Society. No need to say Bon Voyage to looking your best!

Finally, the chic & versatile accessory to protect you from the sun, keep you warm on chilly nights and make you look stylish at any time of day – the Lovat & Green scarfs.

What about you? What are your festival must-haves? We declare our list open for recommendations!

Photo credit: Pinterest. 



Article by Cristina