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Extravagant perfume that embraces every new path.

Bohemian Woods breaks down the boundaries between staying and walking. It is the smell of the spiritual baggage, the expectation and the decision. He comes with hope as companion and courage in his heart. Where he is, he not only leaves behind the breath of distance and the sweetness of longing, but combines these with the deep tone of sure change, pays homage to his roots and openly embraces every new path.

The prelude to this extravagant perfume is a chord of Spanish red pepper, South African freesia, the woody-warm tone of elemi gum, rounded off by the seductive aniseed sweetness of absinthe. In the heart note, the scent of longing and wanderlust merges with rare, exquisite elements presented in a dark mixture of resins. Incense embodies the belief in change. Patchouli underpins the fragrance and gives it its liberal character. The pinch of saffron gives it its precious spice and a touch of unknown. Iris, one of the most precious ingredients of perfume art, gives it its floral, earthy and at the same time highly intellectual note and stands for its inner richness. In the basic composition, deep, dark and dry woods, Argentine leather and oriental musk passionately play the fiery song of adventure. South American vanilla dances seductively to it and gently breathes its melancholy into our ears.

Absinthe, Red Pepper, Freesia


Saffron, Incense, Iris, Patchouli


Dry Woods, Musk, Leather, Vanilla



Atl. Oblique come with their very own packaging.

•The perfumes are limited to 500 pieces for each scent.

•All perfumes by Atl. Oblique are unisex.

•All perfumes by Atl. Oblique are composed in Grasse and Paris.

•Atl. Oblique fragrances are devised according to a long-standing tradition. The ingredients are chosen carefully and in line with the highest standards of quality.

•All fonts, papers and glasses are made especially for Atl. Oblique.

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