• Plain elastic braided belt
  • Colours: Black Liquorice
  • 100% cowhide leather finishes
  • Adjustable to desired level
  • Zinc alloy buckle
  • 3.2cm width
  • Delivered in a raw cotton pouch

size:105-120 cm


100% natural, our cowhide leather is recognized for its quality, its robustness and its patina which will improve over time. We have also taken care to mark our logo by embossing on the visible side of the leather.

48% Polypropylene

We have selected polypropylene for its extreme lightness, longevity and resistance.

52% elastic

Elastic is a material that we consider essential. Its flexibility allows the braided belt to hug your waist without compression.

As for its resistance, it reduces the deformation effect of your belt even after years of use.


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