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For firmer skin and a decreased wrinkle appearanceDESCRIPTION

Reduces wrinkles

Firms the skin

Smooths fine lines

Stimulates collagen production                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            An innovative and patented collagen whose proportions of collagen and elastin, identical to those of our dermis, make it perfectly assimilable. Thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties, the dermis is protected against environmental damage and the skin regains firmness, suppleness and elasticity.

Marine collagen

A unique complex, designed to match the same protein proportions as those of our skin’s dermis, it is composed of naturally occurring type I collagen and elastin, for visibly firmer, more elastic skin

Clinical study

Proven to work: it is known to lift and significantly reduce wrinkles after 28 days

Naturally synthesized by the human body, collagen is the protein responsible for the skin’s firmness and tissue cohesion. After the age of 25, its production decreases and the first wrinkles and signs of aging begin to appear.

To act efficiently against fine lines and wrinkles, D-LAB offers an exceptionally high quality formula made up of: 94% marine collagen combined with 6% elastin fibers in proportions equal to those of the essential components of our skin, allowing a high assimilation by the body. This balance stimulates the biosynthesis of the main components of the dermis to tone the sagging areas and effectively fight against the signs of aging.

By combining the two main components of our dermis, the Pure Collagen has a synergistic anti-wrinkle action proven by clinical study : elastin fibers provide suppleness to the skin while collagen stimulates the production of new collagen in the body to protect and hydrate the epidermis as a whole.


D-LAB commits itself to naturally, concentrated and highly bioavailable ingredients :

For 4 tablets

Patented marine collagen2 g
of which marine collagen1,88 g
of which elastin112 mg


Download our clinical study


Ingredients: CollactiveTM (2 g) : Collagen hydrolysates (1.88 g), Elastin oligopeptides (112 mg) – Anticaking agent : Rice starch – Coating: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid – Anticaking agent: Magnesium stearate.

3 to 4 tablets per day.
Preferably in the evening.

For optimal effects, it is advisable to follow this treatment for 2 months in a row.
This cure can be consumed continuously, throughout the year.


For 4 tablets:
– patented marine collagen: 2g
– of which collagen: 1.88g
– of which elastin: 112mg


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