Inspired by the ceremonious ritual of pouring tea from breathtaking heights with perfect precision. Mate, Sichuan pepper, and cinnamon all stirred together in a flawless blend.


1. Loosen the cap of the glass bottle by unscrewing it gently.
2. Gently roll the rollerball on your neck, wrists, or other desired pulse points, using circular motions.
3. Allow your skin to absorb the perfume oil.
4. If necessary, reapply at intervals throughout the day.
5. Responsibly recycle the glass bottle once it is empty.

Ingredients: Dipropylene Glycol, Parfum (Fragrance),
Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Eugenol, Cinnamal,
Linalool, Citronello

is a fragrance house built out of the Swedish high-rises, innovating how to interact with perfume. The scents are conceptualized in Stockholm, developed in Paris, and made in Grasse.



I love the subtle and spicy scent of the Dawn. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a fragrance that’s both warm and edgy.

A truly unique scent

Found out about Unifrom through their collab with Heliot Emil. I didn’t get the perfume bag, but I bought this fragrance and I was absolutely amazed The combination is so unique, and while a perfume with Sichuan pepper sounds strange it really is incredible. And the packaging is sick I can really recommend this perfume

Love it

The Dawn perfume oil by Uniform is simply divine! The combination of mate, Sichuan pepper, and cinnamon is really special. It feels a warm and inviting.

If I apply it too much it can feel a bit intense right after application. But after a few minutes it balances out.

Would recommend it as a nice option for people who are tired of Byredo fragrances : )



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