This innovative and multifunctional kitchen tool is much more than just a corkscrew. The Corkout will open your wine bottles in no time, but will also help you retrieve broken corks that have become stuck, and can’t be reach by ordinary corkscrews. It’s the tool you’ve always wished you’ve had, and is a necessity for any frequent wine drinker.


  • materials: stainless steel, wood
  • dimensions: 4.92″L x 0.67″W x 1.38″H
  • made in France

The Ligne W story:

“Ligne W corkscrews mix classic wine accessories  with contemporary design to create a look, feel and atmosphere that is associated with the enjoyment of wine. Ligne W corkscrews are about savouring the experience and creating memories with friends and loved ones. Mixing modern colours, shape and materials with old techniques to create visually stunning and extremely functional pieces. Every Ligne W corkscrew is made from the highest quality materials and thoroughly checked before it leaves our French workshop. Each piece in the range features a foil cutter, bottle opener and a double step system to allow for easy and secure removal of the cork every time. “