The taste of Christmas: a caffeine-free, spicy fruit tea with cinnamon and a dash of natural rum aroma

A fruit tea that takes you on a stroll through a Christmas market: This sweet and warming blend brings all your favorite winter spices, a splendid array of forest berries, and a dash of natural rum flavor to the table, to create an alcohol-free version of mulled wine.

100G – 40 cups

spiced wine, orange, forest berries

  • elderberries
  • hibiscus
  • ginger
  • citrus peels
  • beetroot bits
  • cinnamon
  • rose petals
  • black currants
  • strawberry bits
  • cloves
  • cardamom seeds
  • natural rum flavor
  • cinnamon bark oil
  • natural clove flavor
  • natural cardamom flavor

2 tsp / 250 ml100° C / 195° F1st infusion 3 min.
2nd infusion 4 min.


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